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This is the English site of the Super Mario PC Challenge/-Fun Games (shortly : SM PC-Games). You can download these popular fangames for free from this website. You'll also find here much information about these computer-games and you can easily help me to ameliorate them.
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Even if this website is mainly focused on the SM PC-Games and their amelioration, you'll also find here some things about Mario in general (-> All about Mario).

Newest SM PC-Game : Super Mario PC Challenge 7 is online! Click here to download this free fangame!
Super Mario PC Fun 2 is also released, you can download it here from this site! It's an older, but quite popular minigames-collection.
News (-> see below) : 23 Jul. : I started to use another tool to create my games. (...)

The SM PC-Games are published on caiman.us. Thanks also to downloadfreegames.co.uk, mfgg.net and demonews.com which host some games as well. If you want to host (or link to) some SM PC-Games, you can simply contact me.


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Screenshot from Super Mario PC Challenge 6 Screenshot from Super Mario PC Challenge 7


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News :

23/07/2011 : I was a bit frustrated because I touched some limits with the program I was using to make the SM PC-Games. That's why I tried a couple of other tools. Currently I work with the GameMaker, a tool which seems great to develop action- and platform-games. Of course, the beginning is not easy as I have to get used to a new interface but till now it's very motivating as some really important things already work quite great. If you want to see how the first world of SM PC Challenge 7 would have looked if I had used the GameMaker, you can try this tech-demo (it's in German).
30/10/2010 : It took much more time than expected but the new version of Super Mario PC Fun 2 was finally released yesterday. I have fixed tons of bugs and I improved some little things (mainly some bad graphics and confusing texts). You can download version 1.1 here, there's no patch available to update the old version as there are many little changings (even though they don't have a large impact on the game).
14/04/2010 : There's not much to tell you about the past months, I've worked a bit on the new version of SM PC Fun 2 and I've finished most parts of the game. This means that the version 1.1 should be published soon (but I can't tell you a release-date yet as I don't have much time at the moment).
14/08/2009 : I'm still working on the new version of SM PC Fun 2. I have already replaced the help-files and improved some parts of the game (for example, Bowser has now a much better look), but there are still quite big areas which need some ameliorations. Currently I'm updating the platform minigame with Luigi.
04/04/2009 : There's not much to tell you about the last months, I haven't worked much on the SM PC-Games. I'm currently working on a new version of Super Mario PC Fun 2, meaning that I'm making new help- and install-files and correcting some mistakes. I also replace the worst graphics and solve some technical errors. Meanwhile I also decided that the next part of the SM PC-Games will be a minigames-collection, so the next game will be named Super Mario PC Fun 3.
28/12/2008 : Super Mario PC Challenge 6 is the first of the SM PC-Games which has got a new "packaging". This means that I mainly improved the install- and help-files, but I also replaced some blurry graphics and I corrected some mistakes. The new version is now online, it's interesting for those who don't have the game yet. For those who already have SM PC Challenge 6, it's not really neccessary to download version 1.1 as the changings are so small that you'll probably not notice them.
04/12/2008 : There isn't much to tell about the SM PC-Games at the moment, I haven't done anything since the release of SM PC Challenge 7. However, I'll probably give some older games a new look, meaning that I'll change the install- and help-files (without working much on the content). Beside this, I'm working on this website, I made a few changes concerning the design and I updated some older texts.
11/09/2008 : Caiman is the first English site that published SM PC Challenge 7, you find it here. Now that the game is already released for a certain time, I've updated the highscores-area which is now ready to receive your best game-results. The content of this website will be improved and extended in the next time. You can write your comments and wishes in the message board.
16/08/2008 : After a long period of development, Super Mario PC Challenge 7 is now finally released. You can already download the game via this thread in the Message Board!! I hope you'll enjoy the game, you're welcome to write your comments in the download-thread. I'll update this website in the near future, afterwards I'll decide how the SM PC-Games will continue.
11/08/2008 : As you have probably noticed, the website has got with www.supermariopcgames.net a new address, a new host (webhoster.de) and a new design, being now ad-free and having a much better navigation menu. I'd also like to thank Byethost for their great free hosting in the last time. However, it's not only the website which is new, I have also installed a new message board, you find it under forum.supermariopcgames.net. Don't hesitate to write your ideas and to participate on discussions, you don't have to register, you can also write as a guest. I'm also happy to announce that Super Mario PC Challenge 7 will finally be released this week (if there are no more big problems)!!!
13/07/2008 : The final tests of Super Mario PC Challenge 7 have begun. I got rid of many bugs and after the first time I played the whole game completely in English (I usually test it in German), I'm quite satisfied. Now I'll test the game again on another computer, afterwards (if everything works well) the countdown starts. I'm also planning to ameliorate this website and its message board, as they don't please me anymore. They'll be ad-free, they'll have a better design and the site will get an improved navigation-bar.

the older "news" are in the News Archive


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