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Please note that some links (marked with a red line) don't work anymore as this page is no longer up-to-date ;-).

26/04/2008 : A large part of the work has been completed during the last months. This includes the worldmaps, levels and minigames which have all got a new look or a better technology. However, there are still some details that must be modified before the tests can begin and Super Mario PC Challenge 7 can be published.
28/10/2007 : I've been working on some technical details and on the adaption of the levels to the new system in the last months. The worldmaps are also getting a new look, as they were often criticized in the past. Here is a screenshot of the new first worldmap.
28/05/2007 : There was a long time without any big changes, but since last month I'm working again more on the game. I've removed again many bugs (also in levels) and made some technologies run better, so that the gameplay finally works as I want it to do. The adaption of the levels to the new technologies is no big problem, although there were/are major difficulties with the boss-fights (the first of three fights is now bug-free, the other two will be done soon).
20/02/2007 : Again I've made some small and some big ameliorations : The main focus was naturally on the jump-engine (which was meanwhile successfully tested on weaker computers), it got expanded with some small extra-features. Also the fireball-system got improved a lot, all the bugs are removed and it works great in combination with the new jumps. I'm now adapting the levels to the new technologies, then I'll have a look at the worldmaps again since they were criticized a lot as well.
20/01/2007 : Super Mario PC Challenge 7 is still not released due to problems with the jump-engine. The feedback I got from many testers wasn't positive, so I decided to work on it again. This was a month ago, so I can already tell you now that many improvements were made. Previously the main problem was that the jump was broken off at some times by now reason, this is now repaired. The jump-engine is now completely new and works great, the old problems didn't come back and there are new features included. However, not only the jump-system is being ameliorated but also the other technical features (such as the fireball-system) and some graphics, levels and sounds. All in all, I think that this re-working on the game is really necessary even if you'll have to wait a bit longer. I believe it's better to make the jump-engine better playable than to release a game which you don't like because of the problematic gameplay.
01/11/2006 : I've finished the HUD/statusbar, you see the new one here. The game will probably be published in December, so it's no more so long.
27/09/2006 : The game is getting nearer and nearer to the release. Currently I'm working on the final Bowser-fight and on some additional help-files included by the game.
13/08/2006 : I've taken the SM PC Challenge 7-demo from this site as the game has meanwhile changed a lot. This is mainly the case for the jump-engine which could be much ameliorated with the many feedback you sent me. I'm currently working on the last world of SM PC Challenge 7, so it's no more so long ...
01/08/2006 : I've also finished the story now : Bowser is terrorizing Daisy's Sarasaland, his army marches deeper and deeper into the country as Bowser wants to control a nicer area. Daisy's troops are too small and too weak to chase Bowser away. That's why Daisy asks Peach for help. Peach decides to send Mario and Toad to defeat Bowser. Mario is the only playable character, Toad helps him with hints and tips and Donkey Kong gives him items when he wins in the minigames.
07/07/2006 : The desert-world is finished, the same is true for the new timer-graphics which look much better as you can see on the newest screenshot (click here). I'm currently working on a mariokart-minigame (which is this time much better, with many possible enemy-ways and items) before I start making the last world. To finish some short news : the design of the website-menu (on he left) got improved, it has now better coordinated colours and text-sizes ; the games got downloaded many times, SM PC Fun 2 has broken the 40'000-limit on caiman recently, SM PC Challenge 6 is only short before reaching it and at gosfish ( it has now also over 15'000 downloads.
12/06/2006 : I have worked again on the jump-system and controls as many found it very hard, it's now easier to handle but it offers the same number of possibilities. The flying ship (with Iggy Koopa) which existed also in SM PC Challenge 6 is now also finished, the graphics are now much better, have a look on the pic in the Screenshot-Thread. I'm currently working on the desert-levels (where you are again slower) and I've included some new sounds, backgrounds and other graphics.
10/05/2006 : The demo of SM PC Challenge 7 is out now!! The demo is mainly to test the jump-system/controls ; many graphics and fonctions aren't included yet but the demo is still a nice foretaste. You can download it here (1.25 MB). I've also found a new website-hoster, byethost, so the downloads and the other pages work well again. I'm by the way currently working on the airship of SM PC Challenge 7 and I've got a new mailaddress.
31/03/2006 : Again a bug in Super Mario PC Fun 2, it concerns the last level of the Luigi-minigame. I solved the bug that occurs in every version and I strongly recommend you to download the extended RTP-Patch 2 which allows you to play Luigilevel 1-6. Also a message from SM PC Challenge 7 : with the tab 'A' you can do short, automatical jumps while 'Enter'/'Space' is for the manually controled (and bigger) jumps. This new feature ('A'-tab) makes it easier for newcomers in the beginning.
31/01/2006 : The site is finally relaunched under a new design and with more and better content. There's not every page already online, but that will come soon. I have also worked on the underwater-system (-> have a look at this screenshot) and on the jungle-levels. Unfortunately, there are again some (luckily smaller) bugs discovered in SM PC Fun 2 and SM PC Challenge 6 which I have already updated. You should download these patches : RTP-Patch 2 for SM PC Fun 2 and Patch 1.02 for SM PC Challenge 6.
01/12/2005 : Again, there was no update for a long time because I'm currently working on a relaunch of this site (by the way : the german website has already the new design). Nevertheless this homepage has now already 20'000 visitors and there are also good news concerning the SM PC-Games, there will be minigames after each worldmap in Super Mario PC Challenge 7 to make the game more interesting.
02/10/2005 : Sorry, I haven't updated for a while, but there are some news : new graphics and technologies work fine in SM PC Challenge 7 (there's for example finally a better statusbar), so I have a new Screenshot for you (under Polls+Screenshots ;-) ). You can also upload your scores of SM PC Challenge 6 from now on with an easy-to-manage form, so there's no reason why you shouldn't send me your score (-> Records/Highscores). Finally, the French SM PC-Games-website is no longer a part of the english one (this one), but now available under a new design (with more and better content) and a new address :!
03/08/2005 : While I make some progress in Super Mario PC Challenge 7, there are some good news about the download-numbers : Super Mario PC Challenge 6 has now over 10'000 Downloads at and Super Mario PC Fun 2 even 20'000!!! This website has now also 100 visitors a day and will probably reach the 15'000-mark already in this month' time. I'll also add more about Mario in general (e.g. a character description).
26/07/2005 : Caiman and mfgg have already updatted (-> see news of the 28th of June 2005) Super Mario PC Challenge 6 on the first weeks of July, so that there will be no problems any more.
28/06/2005 : There is a problem with Super Mario PC Challenge 6 : some servers don't accept german caracters (ü, ö, ä), so it may be possible that you can't play the game. However, this bug is quite rare and exists especially on french PCs but nevertheless I updatted the game and send the new versions to the gamessites. Some good news about Super Mario PC Challenge 7 : the new technologies (including ameliorations of elder ones like coins) work fine in the first levels and there will be also a speed-variability : if you hold the key D, you can run faster and jump higher.
04/06/2005 : Today I have many news for you : So I'm updatting the website like the german one and Super Mario PC Challenge 6 was submitted by and However, the reviews and some feedback show that the technologies (for example the jump-system) must be improved. This is what will be done in Super Mario PC Challenge 7 (with, of course, also better graphics (e.g. in the worldmaps) and new ennemies). Today I can tell you already the biggest amelioration : Fireballs! Yes, finally they come! With a new system, (fiery) Mario can hit the ennemies with his famous balls also in the SM PC-Games. Of course, the jump- and underwater-system will also be changed to make SM PC Challenge 7 much better than its predecessors.
30/04/2005 : SM PC Challenge 6 got also published on, that is one of the most famous Mario-fansites in the web!
23/04/2005 : Super Mario PC Challenge 6 has been downloaded (on all sites together) over 7'000 times only one week after being published! With so many players, there must be good ones and better ones. You see the scores of the best ones under the new section Records/Highscores. But the question is : are they really that good? Answer it by sending me your own score! If you have any remarks/comments to the game, you should go to the board, you don't even need to register! By the way : Super Mario PC Fun 2 has now over 15'000 Downloads at, alltogether there are over 35'000 Downloads!!!!
16/04/2005 : Yes, it's online now! You can download Super Mario PC Challenge 6 from now on from caiman, just click here. Have fun!
21/03/2005 : Great news : SM PC Challenge 6 is finished to 99 % now! Also I've found a possibility to show the number of beaten ennemies and coins in the levels. You find the new Screenshots under "Screenshots" ;-) .
05/02/2005 : The Downloads and Screenshots work fine again. Work on Super Mario PC Challenge 6 went on fine and Super Mario PC Fun 2 has now over 10'000 Downloads at! The german games SM PC Challenge 1 and 2 even have 20'000 Downloads (at!!!
31/12/2004 : Happy new year! I'm sorry to tell you that some Screenshots and some Downloads don't go at the moment, but I'll change it. Good news : I have new Backgrounds for the Levels, now they look more "Mario-like" and even better ;-) .
21/10/2004 : There are new Screenshots and votings and many good news : over 70 % of Super Mario PC Challenge 6 are finished and there are new features : a night-mode (in the jungle-world, your sight is very poor), a desert-mode (you can't run very fast, but your ennemies can) and a flying ship (with Bowser's child Larry Koopa (-> SM Bros. 3)). I also improved the graphics (e.g. Mario and Luigi look now much better) and made new ennemies.
01/10/2004 : In Super Mario PC Fun 2 I've done a great mistake : I've forgotten some graphics for the RPG-Game, so that you can't play this minigame! The big catastrophe is that I haven't found this mistake! A friendly User called Matthew Cockburn informed me about the forgotten graphics and tested the patch. A great "Thanks" to him (he has also made a game called "Luigi's Pacman")! The patch is now safe and finally online, click here to download the 325 kb. I'm really sorry for this problem and I promise you that I'll test SM PC Challenge 6 better!
26/09/2004 : The guestbook is now online, also there are new Screenshots of SM PC Challenge 6 (60 % of the game are already finished) and Mario facts. In the Board I started a quiz where everybody should participate!
08/08/2004 : SM PC Fun 2 is submitted by and it is downloaded over 1000 times and ratted 94 % at!
25/07/2004 : The website got actualised, now you can read some information to the new SM PC-game Super Mario PC Challenge 6 and the Board/Forum is finally online!
23/06/2004 : SM PC Fun 2 is now also published on an international Freegames-site,! Click here to come to the Game.
17/05/2004 : Super Mario PC Fun 2 is now online! Click here to download the game from my Lycos-Page.
19/03/2004 : SM PC Fun 2 is now finsihed to over 90 % (Release : in 1 or 2 months)! I just have to do the last Cup of the "PC Mariokart RPG 2", and to test everything for bugs! Also, on the page is now a counter, and the website is divided in an English and a French part! I'll also do a forum and some votings on the page in the next few days!
24/01/2004 : SM PC Fun 2 is finished to +/- 80 %. On the Website there are now Votings and Screenshots. PS : When you don't understand the guestbook, because it's in German, look under Downloads.
22/12/2003 : The website is online.