Free download of the SM PC-Games

Here you find an overview of the SM PC-Games and available updates, you can download them for free with only one click.
The games work on every computer with a Windows-OS.

Super Mario PC Challenge 1-5 and SM PC Fun
The older SM PC-Games weren't translated into English, you can only play them in German.
Click here to learn more about these games.

Here is the list to download from (for each one you need the RPG Maker 2000 Run Time Package) :


Super Mario PC Challenge 6 - Click here to download from this website (2.8 MB).
This game offers nice levels in the classical Mario-atmosphere. For the first time you have (up to 99) lives, coins, underwaterlevels and many more features to help Mario or Luigi reconquer an important tower from Bowser.

Super Mario PC Challenge 7 - Click here to download from this website (2.9 MB).
The newest SM PC-Game offers again important ameliorations in technical and graphical aspects. This time Mario has to go to Sarasaland to defeat his archenemy Bowser who is terrorizing Daisy's country.

Super Mario PC Fun 2 - Click here to download from this website (3.5 MB).
Super Mario PC Fun 2 is a collection of many minigames, including platformers with many different heroes (Mario, Luigi, Toad, Peach, Yoshi, Koopa, Bowser ...), a quiz, some sport-games, an RPG and some Mariokart-races. Altogether there should be something pleasant for everyone.



Miscellaneous :

RPG Maker 2000 Run Time Package 1.0 (about 11 MB - German site)
This is the RTP-database, which contains all the graphics, sounds etc. that you need to play the older Super Mario PC-Games (SM PC Challenge 1-5 and SM PC Fun). It's recommended to install the files into the proposed folder.

7-Zip (about 840 kb)
If you can't open the ZIP-files in which the SM PC-Games are packed, you need a compression-tool like 7-Zip. However, most people won't need this tool because nearly every PC has nowadays already a program to open compressed files.

Additional Fonts (6 kb)
If the font is difficult to read in the games, you should use this file. You find the instructions in the added Readme-file.