Here's a collection of links to some great websites, concerning mainly Mario and free games. If you know some good sites which are missing in this list, you can tell me about them with the contact-form.

Mario-Fansites :
"The Mushroom Kingdom" is a big and up-to-date Mario-fansite which offers much information about the Nintendo-games.
MFGG offers developers of Mario-fangames a huge platform with many resources and a big community. You'll also find there hundreds of fangames.
This site is similar to Wikipedia, providing a huge database of articles (written by users) concerning Super Mario.
This site concentrates on Mario's enemies.
Here is a general Nintendo-fansite with many game-descriptions.


Free games :
As said above, the "Mario Fan Games Galaxy" is probably the place where you find the biggest collection of Mario-fangames.
Caiman is a great site with many free games, offering also over 200 Mario-games.


Other links :
This is the official website of Nintendo.
Yahoo offers great free e-mail addresses.



Advertisements and link-exchanges :

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