Super Mario PC Challenge 6

Publication :9th April 2005 (the newest version [v.1.1] was released on 28th December 2008)
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In general :In technical and graphical aspects a large improvement : the game has coins, underwaterlevels, as well as many different enemies and level-types. There are only a few disadvantages like the jump-system and the sound.
Description :In this game you play with Mario or Luigi in over 40 Levels to rescue the princess and defend an important tower against Bowser. The graphics and sounds look sometimes like "Super Mario World" or "Super Mario Bros. 3", but the game is of course no remake but completely new. Underwaterlevels, flying ships, a night-mode (where it's too dark to see everything), deserts (here you are slower - another challenge, even for good players), an ice- and a rainy jungleworld are only some of the highlights of this game.

Download :
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(easy and automatic execution ; in English) (compressed file which must be manually unpacked)
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Screenshot from Super Mario PC Challenge 6 Screenshot from Super Mario PC Challenge 6