Super Mario PC Challenge 7

Publication :14th August 2008 (the first version was released on 22nd December 2006)
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In general :There are many technical improvements, mainly the new jump-system and the powerup-system (with the well-known Super Mushrooms and Fire Flowers). The graphical style is now more homogeneous, so that the game looks more like the original Mariogames from Nintendo.
Description :Bowser is terrorizing Daisy's Sarasaland and the princess asks Mario (accompanied by Toad) for help. This time the protagonist has to travel through 50 levels which all have their particularities. There are for example fortresses, airships, underwater-levels, episodes in a desert (where you can only move slowly), dark jungle-levels and many more different stages. There are also some minigames where you can win items from Donkey Kong. Together with the classical 2D-atmosphere and the legendary jump'n run-pleasure, the fangame makes fun for a long time. Altogether it's a complete package of Mario's popular platform-fun in new worlds.

Download :
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(easy and automatic execution ; in English) (compressed file which must be manually unpacked)
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Screenshot from Super Mario PC Challenge 7 Screenshot from Super Mario PC Challenge 7