SM PC-Games in general

The SM PC-Games are free games ("Freeware") which you can download over the internet and which work on every computer with a Windows-OS.
The first parts of the gamesserial are only playable in German, after Super Mario PC Fun 2 and Challenge 6 they are also translated into English (Super Mario PC Fun 2 by the way also into French).
The SM PC-Games are quite popular (and have quite high download- and visitor-numbers), which is mainly caused by the RPG-atmosphere that is uncommon for platform games. This, and a mixture of original and own graphics, makes them so special. Additionally they work on every PC and they don't take a lot of space (1-5 MB) so that you can easily download them, even with a slow internet-connection. As a serial, the SM PC-Games (which should first be called SM RPG-Games because of the already mentioned RPG-atmosphere) also have the advantage that they are generally always getting better, at least in graphical and technical aspects.

The SM PC-Games are composed by two types :
- SM PC Challenge : These are the "normal" 2D platform games.
- SM PC Fun : Those minigames-collections consist of many small games which you can play with different heroes in different genres.

The following games are already published (you can download them here) :

If you have any suggestions for the SM PC-Games, don't hesitate to tell me about them. Have a look at the Message Board.


Screenshot from the SM PC-Games Screenshot from the SM PC-Games